We invest and partner with shrewd entrepreneurs who are eager to grow globally and jump start their journey to the U.S. market with us

StartUp Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs ready to jump start their U.S. journey, SUNV brings game-changing ideas to the U.S. market

Multi-Tranche, Early-Stage Investments

SUNV invests up to $500,000 in a multi-tranche approach based on milestone achievements and invites investors, through funding partner Merging Traffic, to participate under the same terms.

Our structure supports qualified early-stage startups, first by securing seed-stage financial needs, then investing additional capital to lead the company’s post-seed, A, and future rounds.

We aim to be part of an organization’s journey from seed to exit or sustainable growth.

World-class Partners

SUNV portfolio companies develop strategic alliances and invaluable connections through our community of partners.

We facilitate simulation and manufacturing services, mentorship, and intellectual investments, along with a host of other support offerings specific to your company’s unique needs and position in the growth cycle.

From world-class research facilities to accredited investor networks, SUNV partnerships are your partnerships, poised to help launch your success.

Strategic and Operational Support

Partnering with SUNV allows you to stay focused on your venture, as post-investment support is an integral part of our offer.

We work hand-in-hand with our entrepreneurs to provide operational, administrative, legal, human resources, and accounting assistance, as needed.

Essentially, we take a 360° approach to fast-tracking your company’s go-to-market success, and every High Touch Capital Investments™ program is custom-designed to answer the needs of the individual company.

State-wide Innovation Initiatives

Florida is home to the Institute of Simulation and Training, the world capital of modeling, simulation and training, and a hub for the Internet of Things and Autonomous Vehicles industries. The state also boasts exponential growth in MedTech and Advanced Manufacturing.

Come engage with leading resources across industry, academia, government, and military–a growing ecosystem in public and private partnerships.

Our Investment Criteria is Simple


We seek companies that have proven the feasibly of their disruptive, transformational technology and have a minimal viable product or a working prototype

Poised for market

Our portfolio companies are ready for U.S. market immersion, customer insights, alliances, and the rapid momentum gained through SUNV partnership.

Dedicated Doers

We love savvy entrepreneurs who recognize the benefits of our affiliation and are eager to go global and jump-start their journey to the U.S. market with us.

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We invest and partner with shrewd entrepreneurs who are eager to grow global and jump start their journey to U.S. markets with us
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