StartUp Nation Ventures invests in InnoSec Ltd., – Cyber Risk SolutionsInnosec

StartUp Nation Ventures, LLC (“SUNV”), a Florida-based global, crowd-backed equity investment vehicle, is pleased to announce its investment in cybersecurity firm InnoSec, Ltd (“InnoSec”). Continuing with its theme of providing High-Touch Capital Investments™, StartUp Nation Ventures is providing direct investment and advisory support.

“The University of Central Florida hosts the countries best and brightest studying cybersecurity,” says SUNV CEO and Founder, Vicki Rabenou.  “UCF has won three of the last five national cybersecurity competitions.”

Founded in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2015 InnoSec, an Israeli cybersecurity firm, is up to the standards of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The EU recently passed regulation on the way companies are able to store and handle civilian data. This program has been cleared by Deloitte for GDPR certification and it won the European Commission Horizon 2020 Award for Cybersecurity and Innovation.  

Innosec CTO Amit Koren says, “Innosec is an enterprise-grade solution for measuring cyber risk from a business perspective. It uses methodologies of cyber risk management. Combining top-down and bottom-up concepts to include business process mapping, vulnerability identification and more.”

About StartUp Nation Ventures
StartUp Nation Ventures is a Florida-based global, crowd-backed equity investment vehicle. SUNV leverages ecosystem partnerships to help companies design and execute strategies for adapting and expanding their businesses into the U.S. and Global Markets.