StartUp Nation Ventures was founded by our founders’ experience taking Israeli startups to the U.S. market, establishing meaningful strategic partnerships, and securing funding. Our goal is to facilitate and fast-track the entire process of propelling  entrepreneurs dreams into revenue-generating realities.

There are three kinds of challenges Israeli and other international startups face when transitioning to the US market:

Business Related:

  1. Funding and capital raising
  2. Build the right management team
  3. Product Market Fit
  4. Access to market place
  5. Strategic Partners
  6. Regulatory
  7. Customer acquisition and sales conversion

Relocation & Logistic:

  1. Housing,
  2. Education
  3. Immigration
  4. Office Space
  5. Incorporation, Bank, CPA
  6. HR and staffing

Culture & Language Barriers

  1. Pitch
  2. Business practices and acumen

The mission of StartUp Nation Ventures is to invest and partner with our portfolio companies providing them with ingredients needed  to succeed in the USA.