StartUp Nation Ventures (SUNV) provides Investors the opportunity to build a broad portfolio of start-up investments based on our proprietary deal flow of top Israeli and international early-stage companies

Become an Investor

Build a broad and diversified portfolio of start-up investments through StartUp Nation Ventures.
Our platform provides unique access to a proprietary deal flow of proven early-stage companies from Israel and around the globe.
Our deals are carefully selected and managed with high-touch support that includes partner resources, mentorship, and professional services all aimed at reducing risk and creating profit and ROI that beats other financial markets.

Our Road to Success

We fund companies that are ready for immersion into the market—once technology feasibility is proven and a minimal viable product is at hand. We also help our portfolio startups gain valuable customer insights, create dynamic partnerships, and build the momentum needed to grow their businesses rapidly.

With SUNV acting as a partner, these international companies can generate revenue prior to secondary financing rounds, while investors gain leading-edge, well-vetted, wealth-generating investments.


We partner with our portfolio companies and provide:


We inject the right amount of
capital into multiple tranches at strategic times to fuel growth.

Advisors & Mentors

We provide access to executives and subject matter experts with the domain expertise needed to catalyze long-term success.

360° Support

We offer professional operational, legal, HR, and financial support so that entrepreneurs can stay laser focused on the growth of their venture.

Why invest with us?

Hands-On Approach to ROI

Access Top-Tier Investments

Good deal flow is paramount for success. We have the inside track on finding and investing in leading global startups in a range of industries, stages, and domains.

Get Clear with Transparency

Investors gain full access to due diligence materials, management conversations, and deal-related information for each and every investment with SUNV.

Be the Change You Want

Help innovation happen by investing in promising startup companies and technologies coming out of Israel and other global entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Invest Alongside Your Interest

We invest and invite investors to participate at the same deal terms, providing additional capital on a deal-by-deal basis in your chosen field of interest and/or expertise.

Get In On the Action

Through our high-touch support platform, investors have further opportunities to contribute their expertise, professional experience, and relevant business connections.

Our Approach: Lean Investment

Using an iterative investment process, we invest in a portfolio of promising and proven startups that are diversified across industries, stages, and locations. We do not take the lead investor position. Instead, we invest alongside lead investors while guiding and supporting our entrepreneurs through their journey into the U.S. market.

Small experiments
We invest first tranche before U.S. market entry and utilize our network of connections, skills, and expertise to reach customer traction.

Filter out failure
We measure traction, then invest further based on achievement of milestones.

Expand investment upon success
We opt whether to exercise pro-rata follow-on investments after product-market fit is established, doubling down on customer traction achieved.

Returns that trounce the stock market

Data collected by the Kaufman Foundation shows that well-positioned angel portfolios can return 2.5 times the investment over a 4-year period. It is not about luck. It’s about investment strategy that uses the right process and diversification. When investing in early-stage startups it is important to build a broad portfolio.

We are profit-driven and managed by a full-time dedicated and experienced team of professionals

StartUp Nation Ventures (SUNV) is a global, crowd-backed equity investment vehicle that catalyzes growth to international early-stage tech start-ups aspiring to expand to the U.S. market with immediate opportunities for acceleration, execution, and risk reduction.

We invest and partner with shrewd entrepreneurs who are eager to grow global and jump start their journey to U.S. markets with us
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