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Join other like-minded entrepreneurs and investors benefiting from a Florida location as the entry point into the U.S. Market

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Why Florida?

Join fellow entrepreneurs and investors benefiting from a Florida location as the entry point into the U.S. Market.

We are not just beautiful beaches, lakes, and wildlife preserves. We are an innovation hub, breaking new ground while enjoying all the financial boons offered by a lower cost of living tax haven.

Florida is for…





Pro-Business State

Employers are drawn to Florida for low labor costs, lower cost of living, and no personal state income tax–a huge incentive over the 9% tax rate of other primary markets like New York City. The area also offers one of the most affordable housing markets in the Southeast.

Florida’s competitive corporate income tax is 5.5%, while Tampa offers cost savings for employers in other areas, including office rent, which is less than half of Manhattan and more than a third lower than Miami. Plus, Florida’s world-class public and private research institutions welcome collaborative partners like SUNV.

Top-Notch Workforce

Tampa Bay is home to more than 80 colleges, universities, and technical schools producing more than 30,000 graduates per year—20% of who are bilingual. The area’s thriving workforce of nearly 3M people also includes over 92,000 military veterans.

More than 33% of Tampa’s young, educated workforce holds a bachelor’s degree or higher, according to the 2015 CBRE Research report, “Scoring Tech Talent,” which ranked 50 U.S. markets by their ability to attract and grow talent in the lucrative and burgeoning tech sector. With a 15.6% tech-savvy millennial growth rate, Tampa was the top-ranked Florida city on the list, second among small markets, and 13% faster than the nation’s average.

Tomorrowland Today

A state-sponsored initiative is underway to create the country’s first “techno mecca” – the first Smart Gigabit City in the U.S. built from the ground up. The “Connected City” will sport the fastest internet and WiFi speeds in the nation, multimodal transportation networks, a range of housing types, conservation elements, and cutting-edge amenities.

Smart gigabit fiber communications networks will save energy by connecting to intelligent transit systems that regulate traffic flow in real time, along with utility systems, sprinkler systems, and reclaimed water lines. Further enticements include solar and other renewable energy resources, 1,625 acres of parks, extensive bike trails, and the country’s first “crystal lagoon.”

Vacation Destination

Florida offers endless recreation, making it easy to achieve a work-life balance that attracts millennials and sought-after employment candidates to the bay-area lifestyle. Just a short drive from some of the best beaches in America, Tampa boasts year-round great weather along with world-class museums, family-friendly theme parks, great shopping, numerous professional and college sporting events, and landmarks such as the Ybor City National Historic District. In fact, Money magazine named Tampa as #1 in the Southeast on its list of “America’s 50 Best Big Cities.”

Future Pioneers

Florida is a proving ground for future technologies, with state-sponsored initiatives demonstrating the state’s commitment to lead the future of innovation.

From autonomous vehicles to smart sensors, IoT, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual and augmented reality, and more, disruptive technologies and outside-the-box inventions are shaping the area’s ecosystem and getting a lot of attention for it.

Opening doors to partnerships with world-class research and manufacturing facilities, welcoming change-makers, and investing in the future, the sunshine state shines its light on pioneers.

Get in. Stand out. And enjoy being among the founders of the future, in sunny, beautiful Florida.

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