StartUp Nation Venture co-founders Vicki Rabenou and AJ Ripin were on hand for the Market Disrupt Pitch Event in Los Angeles on October 2. Vicki was one of six judges while AJ was the master of ceremonies. StartUp Nation Ventures partnered with Global Healthcare Resources (GHR)  on the pitch event which was hosted at GHR’s World Medical Tourism Conference. As part of GHR’s annual conference, the Market Disrupt brought ten early and mid-sized startups with high market potential from across the globe for exposure, first-hand insight from our experienced panelist of judges and the chance to win a valuable prize package.

Somatix won the Market Disrupt PItch Event

Winning the event was Somatix, for their Precision BMD™ (Body Motion Data) platform. Their one of a kind platform enables detailed tracking of an individual’s body movement patterns and analyzes that data to for their impact – both positive and negative, physical and emotional – to their health and well-being. Utilizing sensors built into a range of wearables and other connected IoT devices. It tracks, filters and examines massive volumes of motion data in real time, and employs cloud-based machine learning algorithms to produce insights on physiological and even emotional states. Ultimately, the platform generates alerts in real-time and can generate incentives to help the individual improve adherence to improve their health.

We are honored to win the inaugural Market Disrupt,” said Somatix CEO & Co-founder Eran Ofir. “With the growth of healthcare costs, not only in the United States but across the world, organizations engaged in providing care – employers, insurance carriers, hospitals and clinics, elder care facilities and more – are in need of solutions to help maintain expenses. Utilizing the rise of Big Data, Somatix is a crucial tool in this fight. By not only recording but analyzing and providing actionable information about our actions and how they impact our health is a critical step. We look forward to working more with GHR and Global Healthcare Ventures in the future in order to bring further change to the healthcare industry.

Somatix will receive the prize package consisting of exposure to the attendees of GHR’s annual event, a comprehensive media campaign to highlight them, complimentary passes to all upcoming GHR events, introductions to accredited investors in a statewide angel network and a comprehensive business capital needs analysis and advisory analysis from a national investment banking company.

Other finalists included:

  • Blue Mesa Health
  • RxToTravel
  • Life365
  • BuildMyBod
  • StoryUp
  • NotesFirst
  • DZee Solutions
  • MyTelemedicine
  • HealthyBills
  • Light Health Research