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We Help International Startups Succeed

StartUp Nation Ventures was founded by our founders' experience taking Israeli startups to the U.S. market, establishing meaningful strategic partnerships, and securing funding. Our goal is to facilitate and fast-track the entire process of propelling  entrepreneurs...

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Israel as a Startup Nation

Israel is a tiny country with a geography the size of New Jersey and about 8.5 million citizens. Israel has no oil or other natural resources. It is located in the most volatile place in the world, surrounded by enemies, and yet the state of Israel and the Israelis...

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SUNV at the Market Disrupt Pitch Event in Los Angeles

StartUp Nation Venture co-founders Vicki Rabenou and AJ Ripin were on hand for the Market Disrupt Pitch Event in Los Angeles on October 2. Vicki was one of six judges while AJ was the master of ceremonies. StartUp Nation Ventures partnered with Global Healthcare...

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World Medical Tourism Conference Interviews Vicki Rabenou

On October 4, Dr. Vicki Rabenou, co-founder of StartUp Nation Ventures, will be judging the Market Disrupt Pitch Event at the World Medical Tourism Conference.  Dr. Rabenou discussed the upcoming event and a little bit about international entrepreneurship in a...

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Dr. Vicki Rabenou on Innovation in Israel

StartUp Nation Venture Co-founder, Dr. Vicki Rabenou,  has more than 20+ years of guiding start ups from from inception to sustainability, profitability, and IPO. Dr. Rabenou was interviewed by Merging Traffic, an equity-based crowdfunding company, on her experience...

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